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Music Instructor, Guitar Teacher Bass and Vocal Lessons Kenny Steel


Kenny has taught off and on for many years with the concept of 'Teaching the Student to Learn How to Teach Themselves.

"Music Theory isn't as difficult when presented in a language that the average person can understand. I hated the College text books.  It seemed the authors were more concerned about coming across as intellectuals rather than getting to the point; the books were hard to read."

The Series Kenny presents is geared toward making music more accessible to the player and singer without all of the 'gooblah' (new word?) of difficult reading.

So, without a big bang... here's to the hope of a long relationship with you and I hope that my years of experience will help you attain whatever level of musicianship you desire.

Always remember:
  • Music is an outlet of emotion; Always play what you feel.
  • Music is a source to the inner Soul; Always play from your Soul.
  • It's not what you play... but how you play it... (another Soul reference)

Feel free to check the links to Kenny's site. There are great learning sites and links to the latest music with which Kenny is involved.

And don't be a stranger.  If you have a question about Kenny's lessons please feel free to contact SoundCheck Music Center to get in touch with Kenny ... or visit Kenny's website: You can also check out Kenny's new music at

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